Annual Picnic

Member’s July Picnic and Auction

Carl Boro with assistants

As part of our fund raising effort and partying philosophy, CBRIS celebrates the summer with a pot luck picnic in July!. The location varies annually. Members who donate iris for raffle drawings arrive at 9:00 AM to help set up. Excess irises from our door prize iris production are auctioned at 10:00 AM. Raffle numbers are also drawn for a huge quantities of iris. Bring a sack to carry home your booty. At noon we eat!

Bring a dish large enough to serve 8 to 10 people: salads, veggies, snackies, beans, desserts, etc. Provide your own drinks, plates and silverware. Chicken, Beef and Pork provided by CBRIS, are barbequed and served up by our master chef, Carl Boro and his volunteer assistants. Afterwards, we all help the host police up the area.!

Additional chunks of barbequed beef, pork or chicken can be purchased at a very reasonable price. So order from Carl in advance.

Everyone goes home full of food, fun and iris!

The picnic is also the day when Doorprize Iris that you have won during the year are distributed. You have to come to the picnic to take home your winning iris! Join us! Hope to see you there.

Slideshow of Picnic photos